Teens and Teenagers

Elliot Spivey and the Lie Machine

(Elliot Spivey and the Lie Machine Book 1)


Who taught you how to lie?

All lies are not horrible, and the whole truth can reveal what we are not ready to handle. Elliot Spivey and the Lie Machine is an awkward adventure where tech fantasy and gaming collide in a world so fresh that it might just look to the reader that their backyard got an extreme sci-fi makeover.


Throughout this intriguing journey, Elliot will help you answer the questions, “Who taught you how to lie? And When did you stop lying?”


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Reflections: Prayers from the Heart of a 14 – Year Old Boy [Kindle Edition]
By Michael Alexander Beas

Reflections: Prayers from the Heart of a 14 Year Old Boy, in many ways, is a mirror image of my life. I wrote these prayers when I was a young adult growing up in Miami. As with any big city, drugs, sex and violence were part of everyday life.

Becoming a teenager in our ever-changing world is a challenge for parents and children alike. In many ways, both are trying to discover each other and, above all, themselves. Temptation and evil is everywhere, and without a solid foundation of God and morality, everything can rapidly spin out of control.

I was blessed to have gotten to know God at an early age. I went to youth groups, retreats, and helped out at our local church, where I also attended school. Everything changed when I became a freshman in high school. Morality and fun collided. Girls, parties, hangouts, fitting in, and everything else that goes with growing up began to take root.

This collection of prayers is a reflection of those thoughts and experiences. They helped me come closer to God when the world around me was telling me to run in the opposite direction. I hope and pray they give you guidance and help bring you closer to God.


Teenage Depression (Teen Issues) [Kindle Edition] By Brian Parkin

Teenage depression is an illness like any other and needs treatment by professionals. This guide looks at the statistics for teenage depression, its symptoms, causes and the effects experienced by sufferers. It provides information to assist sufferers and support for parents of teenagers suffering from depression.


Talking with Teenagers (Teens Issues) [Kindle Edition] By Brian Parkin

You are an experienced, mature person who has spent many years developing your communication skills in the boardroom and you are well respected socially for your ability to make people laugh, tell great stories and being and all round good person.

You are able to handle difficult personnel problems at work because you understand about teamwork and conflict resolution matters. People come to you if they need to have a sensitive work related matter handled effectively.
At home, you treat your wife with respect and love her dearly. You would never shout at her or slam the door after an argument, in fact you don’t argue at all. You make the perfect couple.

When it comes to your teenagers, it’s as if you change into a different person all together. You don’t see their point of view; you lay down the law and don’t give an inch. Every meeting with them is a battle which you believe you win every time because you‘re the boss in this house, and they’re only kids and if they want to stay in your house, they will do as you tell them. You shout at them; scream at them; belittle them in front of their friends; always demand to know where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing and who they’ve been with. In fact, you want to know where they are at all times!

You tell them you love them dearly and if they ever need to talk about anything that worries them, they can come to you at any time. Surprisingly they don’t, and it surprises you that they keep secrets from you and very rarely tell you about anything about what’s going on in their lives.

This eBook discusses the reasons for this conflict among parents and their teenagers and what can be done to strengthen relationships and develop trust so that meaningful dialogue can occur.