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Backyard Pet Chickens A Beginners Guide: How To Raise Hens In A Small Suburban Yard [Kindle Edition]
By Dr. John Stone

You are what you eat. But, Dr. John Stone, extends that axiom further–you are what you eat, eats. Backyard Pet Chickens A Beginners Guide is a shocking report of what’s happened to our food and a comforting solution in how to help control the quality of what we eat by getting into organic chicken production. In an easy, step-by-step process, the reader is given a turn-key experience to starting a backyard chicken coop. Nothing is left out, not even observance of state and local laws—Dr. Stone covers it all—which is what makes this book stand out from all the others: it gives the reader honest, accurate information that can transform their lives while improving the quality of their diet and health.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

– Why you should start a backyard chicken coop
– How much space you should allocate to your chickens
– If you should build or buy a chicken coop
– How to choose the right breeds of chicken for your needs
– How and what to feed you chickens
– How to furnish your coop
– How to properly care for your chickens in winter
– Health and safety precautions you need to take when working with chickens
– The best ways to deal with neighbours and city chicken laws

Readers say:

“Clear, thorough, and a quick read. Packed with lots of information for someone who is considering backyard chickens. I normally get bored with non fiction books, but this gave me good and necessary info. And only took about 25 minutes to read. I should note that I have had my chickens for 2 years and wish I would have had a book like this before learning things the hard way. Also, this is not a super in depth book, just a basic overview”…….JW Slacks.

“I am new to raising chickens and there was some useful information in here.
We have started getting eggs now-exciting”……Eddie Fry


The positivity Realm how to stay positive forever knowing clothes colored black makes us evil and dangerous by wearing black [Kindle Edition] By Edward Thompson

The positivity Realm how to stay positive forever knowing clothes colored black makes us evil and dangerous by wearing black is a step by step guide on how to utilize the positivity realm, coach by nature and reality explaining the true identity of the source of positivity Realm.


Lighting Diagrams [Kindle Edition] By Brian Parkin

Lighting Diagrams allows you to visualize and recreate lighting equipment setups for everyday portrait sessions in the studio. The diagrams are simple and provide details of how to place a variety of lighting equipment to produce the image results you are trying to achieve.

The book looks at different portrait styles, such as profile, Rembrandt, loop, paramount, broad and short lighting. It also looks at different lighting effects such as high key, low key and silhouettes. Finally, it provides lighting diagram examples of pet portraits, baby portraits and tabletop objects.


Kindle Gold Rush: Cash In On The Kindle Gold Rush Now! [Kindle Edition] By Penny Light

So called E-readers like the Kindle, the Kindle fire, the Barnes and Noble Nook and others have really taken the marketplace by storm. Sales of these devices have increased greatly since they first burst onto the marketing.
Along with these readers, authors have who publish content for Kindle has also grown substantially. In fact some experts think that the ebook readers like the Kindle will sometime put hardcover books out of existence entirely.

This is debatable, but at the same time there is no denying the growth of epublications. In point of fact there is a huge growth opportunity for those that wish to make money as Kindle publisher.

The growth of the Kindle marketplace is only increasing.
Some people specialize in just marketing books to be read on kindle or other edevices. Kindle in particular is good because although Amazon is tight lipped about how many Kindle devices are out there… estimates are that there are over half a million Kindles in the world. Many individuals can take advantage of the number of Kindle subscribers out there to publish for the kindle specifically.

Naturally, it is important to do your research first. You need to find out what is selling and not selling on Amazon. You do not want to waste your time working on content that is not going to sell.

It is also important to be patient when selling printed material. Many budding Kindle authors get discouraged when the sales are small, however, even though it may take a while for the books to sell.them; scream at them; belittle them in front of their friends; always demand to know where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing and who they’ve been with. In fact, you want to know where they are at all times!