The Long Way Home (The Davenport Series Book 1) Kindle Edition




Blue Mage: A Fantasy Romance Adventure (Book 1)

(Blue Mage Series)

Kindle Edition


Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

***Blue Mage is Book 1 in the Blue Mage Series.***

Trystan is a young hapless mage who wishes to continue his magical studies, leaving his hectic and miserable life behind. But in order to do so, he must take on a familiar, a being who’s purpose is to store magical energy, protect him from harm and keep his dirty secrets.

When Trystan is accepted to the Elemental College of Stukarr, he knows he must take the next step and choose a familiar for the long quest ahead. The mage is hesitant because he knows familiars can be demanding and hard to control much like his evil girlfriend, Freya.

Trystan’s best friend, Nia, encourages Trystan to take the leap with her and runaway to the elemental college. The quest will take them from their small seaside town to a world of monster girls, magic and seductive adventure.

Will Trystan’s new familiar drive him crazy? Can Trystan keep his familiar’s lustful appetite for his seed at bay? Will the mage uncover deep rooted feelings for his best friend? Will evil Freya stop the mage and force him back to be her submissive servant?





Under The Burning Sky (The Amarin Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]
By Oliva Bersell

Growing up on a remote cattle station in the Australian outback the beautiful eighteen year old half cast, Amarin, was used to looking after herself. She was a tomboy through and through and could hold her own against any man, But she never thought she’d want to seduce a man, not until the arrival of the handsome American, Ethan Coles.

Set in the Australian outback, the year is 1969. Ex-Marine, Ethan Coles from Herscher-Illinois, arrives at Stoney Creek to take up his new role as the resident school teacher, and is instantly attracted to the beautiful Amarin. Ethan knew that he wasn’t coming to paradise, but he expected that. What he didn’t expect, was that not everyone welcomed his arrival and some would be determined to see him gone.

Olivia Bersell’s debut novella “Under The Burning Sky” is book one of The Amarin Trilogy.