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From Resume To Work: How to get your resume to help you find a job faster than it has ever done before. [Kindle Edition]
By C. Edwin Gill

You have your resume in hand and you’re looking for a job, so what do you do? Send it out to potential employers, right? True, but before you do you may want to know that this book, From Resume to Work, has some extremely important experiences to share with you to help your resume put you to work faster than it has ever done before.

A wealth of input…

It contains a wealth of input from employers who want you to get it right and understand how best to connect with them so that they can find the right employee as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for standard jobs, contract jobs, online jobs, student jobs, summer jobs, local jobs, and even work from home jobs. From Resume to Work is the job-finding resource for you.

Begin with your resume in hand…

From Resume to Work begins with your finished resume (and cover letter) whether you’ve completed it yourself or have used employment agencies, resume writing services, or free resume templates. This book starts with your finished resume. So have your completed resume in hand when you get this book and then get ready to put your resume to work.

Covers 5-4-3

From Resume to Work covers:

•5 reasons why your resume gets rejected by the employer.

•4 strategies that will help you answer the primary question on the employer’s mind, “What are you doing now?”

•3 three steps to completing the #1 key to connecting with the employer.

Get it now!

From Resume to Work shares a number of real-life success stories from those who applied the principles from this book and moved From Resume to Work. If you want your resume to help put you to work faster than it has ever done before then don’t wait and scroll back up now to get this book. I am confident that you’ll be glad you did. Thank you.