Attention Deficit

Attention Deficit Disorder: A Fast Mind at High School High- My Story and: Part 1 of a Series: Education of Oneself to Function in Society (Self-help, learning disabilities) [Kindle Edition
By JT Cooper

Come and Take a Ride In An ADD Mind and Learn A Little Along the Way

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If you or someone you know has Attention Deficit Disorder, or even ADHD, it is not all about correcting or curing this issue. ADD minds are some of the most creative and energized minds you will ever meet!

When honed in, someone with ADD can bring about fantastic ideas, charisma, charm, and never ending good times!
I have never looked at my ADD as a curse, although I wish I could tame it, it has afforded me many life lessons and great adventures in my life! Care to take a peek inside this ADD mind?
In this book I take you through my own struggle and coping with ADD. Explaining the benefits and giving you entertaining examples of what I have found in life with my Attention Deficit Disorder.
This book is dedicated to my educational process from youth to adult. I have intended for it to be entertaining, reflective, introspective, and if you yourself have Attention Deficit Disorder, a motivational look at how things do indeed work out for the best with perseverance and a positive outlook.

This book is the first in a series of my life with Attention Deficit Disorder. My other books to follow will cover how I have dealt with money, love and relationships, friends and enemies, what career path I chose, and much more!

Take a look at a life from someone else’s perspective; especially if that someone has what some people call a “disability.”