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Merlin’s Last Days Kindle Edition



Ants In The Backseat”

(“The Ants In The Backseat” Book 1)

Kindle Edition



Bruce hated with much passion and every fiber of his being, the unholy of holy days, Halloween. It must have been something in his childhood, I guess. But on this very night he would have an awakening and witness a startling and sparkling fact that all is well with Halloween.


Bruce who is a pretty good taxi cab driver drives head on into his past, present and future in one whole evening swoop of robust excitement. Be prepared to be moved every inch of this tale of ants, suspense, romance and hellish frolic. Good luck and happy haunting. You will be able to tell your best and most precious friends and kiddies about this adventure

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Atmosphere: We Don’t Orbit but Fall the Same

Kindle Edition