How to Quit Your Day Job and Do Stand-Up Comedy Full-Time

by Philip Peredo of TickleMe Entertainment

Before I tell you about the eBook, here are all of the benefits that are included when buying the eBook:

  • a wealth of knowledge on the business of comedy
  • a guest spot on one of TickleMe Entertainment’s stages in Las Vegas when you visit
  • 30 minute comedy and business consultation via phone or skype
  • opportunity to perform and get paid on a voiceover for a radio station based on availability and need of the radio station – voiceover spots pay $40-50 and can be multiple gigs based on performance

Now, here’s what’s in the eBook:

Do you love performing stand-up comedy? Is it your passion? Do you wish you could do it full-time? Do you have a day job just to pay the bills? Would you like to learn how to quit your day job and have all the business skills necessary to go full-time with stand-up comedy? And if you’re already doing comedy full-time but you’re not making what you want to make or if you recently got laid off from your job – this e-book is for you too!

What if you love your day job, but you love stand-up comedy too? Can you reconcile the two passions? Yes! We’ll show you how.

In this e-book, you’ll have access to the following:

– over 100 locations where you can do stand-up comedy in the U.S. and Canada

– how to use your current job to help your stand-up comedy career

– how to have enough time for your job, your comedy and your family

– how to get paid gigs at comedy clubs

– how to produce and promote your own show and get paid for it

– how to get paid gigs at colleges

– how to get paid gigs on cruises

– how to get paid gigs on the road

– how to get paid to write for TV

– how to get more people to your shows

– how to have the booker or venue owner be always happy about paying you

– how to manage your own money and get out of debt

– how to get free merch to sell for a profit after shows

– how to negotiate contracts

– how you can improve your act

and much more!

Look for discounts and affiliate offers!

Start doing comedy full-time now!

You will get a PDF (7MB) file.







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