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Virtual Homeschooling By Patience Young

The ingredients to a quality virtual school, socialization, and genuine care and concern about the child/dren as an individual. If you ever thought about or are considering virtual home schooling for your child/dren, I am here to tell you that it is possible. A single parent with one virtual home schooler myself. I can honestly say that I made the right choice when it came to my child’s educaion and safety. I wrote this book because I wanted to let parents know that virtual home schooling can be a saving grace when it come to your childs education.
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miracleSecrets On How To Be A Super Model

By Cynthia Anthonio

In this book I give all the best tips and tricks on how to become a Supermodel.How you can mold yourself into success if you have the passion and the drive .I explain exactly step by step how I did it at age 18 . And how I kept going , because no one really believed I could . Because of my crooked teeth and I was so skinny .I learned so much on the way and after many years of modeling on top I am glad to share tips and advices . And secrets on how to be a super model . Which is very similar to any big career you want to accomplish in life . You need the right mindset , believe and circle of influence .




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