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Build Me a Girl

By Katie Burgess All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Only 88 free copies left of abnormal, but definitely sweet, romance. Oliver wants his parents to think he’s finally ready to settle down.

Sophie needs some extra money for university. The “Build Me A Girl” website offers a solution to both their problems. But what starts as an easy fix for both of them may lead to something bigger than either Oliver or Sophie expected.







Sacred By W.R. Castaneda

When Katerina begins to have recurring dreams about a breathtakingly handsome man, she turns to the tarot cards to find the answer, only to accidentally unleash an evil spirit known as “the Vanished One.” From that moment on, Katerina finds herself running for her life, only to be rescued by the man from her dreams – an Archangel named Haniel. Katerina finds more allies along the way, both angels and demons who offer her help. But she soon learns you can never trust a spirit.
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darkdreamsELAYNNA [Kindle Edition]
By Musart Ellaahi

When Elaynna is pulled out of school by her callous mother, she could only rejoice at the prospect. Now being away from those horrid teachers who took advantage of her innocence.
Dubbed as slow by those around her, Elaynna believed she had left her demons behind once she migrated to England.

However she is left fighting an uphill battle trying to escape her life as a maid, much to her mother’s dismay.
Faith and perseverance is all that leaves Elaynna hoping for her life to change for the better.

This book is dedicated to Malala Yousafzai a young activist who is fighting for childrens education. This story portrays the struggles of illiteracy. £1 from each sale of this book will be donated to the Malala Fund.

darkdreamsELAYNNA [Kindle Edition]
By Musart Ellaahi


miracleThe Blink of Her Eye [Kindle Edition]

By Angelica Thaddeus

While investigating patient complaints as the hospital’s compliance officer, Anika is attacked by a man claiming she murdered his wife. After wickedly seductive Gabriel rescues her, she knows she isn’t quite dead when all she thinks about are his eyes devouring her in a single glance.

As Anika recovers, she receives a note urging her to ‘Stop the Murders.’ But she’s clueless as to who is about to be killed. Bewildered, she accepts Gabriel’s offer to unravel the mystery behind the message.

With the death toll rising, Gabriel refuses to deny his erotic compulsion for Anika while tracking down the murderer. Equally consumed by her own insatiable passions, Anika leaves them both vulnerable to life-threatening dangers. Their obsession to be together will either save or destroy them as well as hundreds about to be killed.


miracleBrazil [Kindle Edition]

By Errol Lincoln Uys

Brazil is the first work of fiction to depict five centuries of a great nation’s remarkable history. With a stunning cast of real and fictional characters, this unforgettable epic unfolds in South America, Africa and Europe.

Lacing the tale together are the shifting fortunes of two dissimilar Brazilian families. The Cavalcantis are among the original Portuguese settlers and carve a gracious plantation out of the Pernambuco wilderness of the north – the classic Brazilian casa grande, vast, powerful, and built with slave labor. The da Silvas of mixed Portuguese and Tupiniquin blood are a spirited family of dreamers, pathfinders, soldiers and entrepreneurs. For generations, they set their eyes on El Dorado, a vision of wealth ultimately achieved in a huge financial empire that makes them power brokers in the new Brazil.

Brazil is an intensely human story, brutal and violent, tender and passionate. Perilous explorations through the Brazilian wilderness…the perpetual clash of pioneer and native, visionary and fortune hunter, master and slave, zealot and exploiter…the thunder of war on land and sea as European powers and South American nations pursue their territorial conquests…the triumphs and tragedies of a people who built a nation covering half the South American continent…all are here in one spellbinding saga.

The principal characters, both real and imaginary, are hard to forget. Among them: the great Indian warrior-chief Aruana; Amador da Silva, a bandeirante ‘flag-bearing’ pioneer and emerald hunter; Secundus Proot, a Dutch artist-adventurer in the Amazon; Black Peter, a freed African slave who takes murderous revenge on his persecutors; Antonio Paciencia, a brave soldier and humble hero of the landless; Francisco Lopez, doomed and gallant president of Paraguay; Anthony the Counselor of Canudos, visionary rebel of the backlands.

The result is an unsentimentalized historical novel that combines adventure with an impressive level of research and depicts Brazil free from the eternal stereotypes

An Illustrated Guide to the Novel offers a wealth of images and maps and access to the writer’s private journal bringing a unique insight into the novel and its creativity.

“Uys has accomplished what no Brazilian author from José de Alencar to Jorge Amado was able to do. He is the first outsider with the total honesty and sympathy to write our national epic in all its decisive episodes. Descriptions like those of the war with Paraguay do not find in our literature any rival capable of surpassing them.” – Professor Wilson Martins, Jornal do Brasil


miracleJust Point At Him [Kindle Edition]

By Snjezana Marinkovic

If a man pays his dues, is he ever out of debt? Are his past mistakes ever forgiven? In our struggle to protect the helpless, have we lost the ability to determine who is innocent?

Gregory Torti may not have the perfect past, but learned from his mistakes and was ready to move on. The justice system has a different idea of him, and no matter the facts it is willing to cast aside reasonable doubt. Just as Gregory was ready to live the honest American dream, he is thrown into a battle for true freedom.
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miracleMy Year Of Miracles

By Joyce K. Reynolds


We’ve all experienced miracles.
Likely every day.
Yet few of us would say so.


Because we don’t notice them. We misinterpret them.
We deny them. Or are simply not open to receiving them.

My Year of Miracles contains 52 opportunities to change all that.

If we decide we want them. If we are willing to accept them. If we are ready to spend one year
totally transforming our lives by experiencing miracles in our lives on a daily basis.

These are not the rare, burning-bush types of miracles. Rather, they are those things that we will
thoughtfully and deliberately think of. Work to create, Invite in. Fully notice, build on and cooperate with.

Nothing is overlooked in our quest for miracles. We will be experiencing them in all aspects of life: spiritual,
personal, professional, relationship, health and self-care, financial, and avocational.

My Year of Miracles offers the opportunity to deeply ingrain in our being a lasting sense of the
miraculous. It is designed to have a cumulative effect over the length of the Course. Steadily, lovingly
and joyfully leading us through a total life transformation. We will spend a year relentlessly and fearlessly
uncovering our deepest desires; dedicating ourselves to the spiritual process; identifying and removing blocks
to our miraculous lives. The cumulative effect of this work over a year will result in a whole new life overflowing
with miracles.

Each week for an entire year, we will experience deep, profound and lasting changes through receiving:

• Miracle Quote and Miracle Lesson to concentrate on for a week at a time
• Coordinated, powerful clearing and affirming exercise using the
psychological tool of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
• Daily Miracles Journal instructions providing a repository for the journeyer’s daily experiences.


This Time Forever
amazon bookThis Time Forever

By Adrienne Williams

Renee St. Claire and Elliott James fell in love as teenagers. Despite their young age, they knew that they were meant to be together and had started making plans for their future. Then something happens that separates them, and Renee is forced to leave Los Angeles and move to New York where she later becomes a successful business owner. After spending some time in Africa, Elliott returned to California and has become one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after lawyers, and is the senior and managing partner of his own firm. A chance vacation to New York to visit a college friend and his family leads Elliott to Renee. What Elliott finds out about his friends, Renee, and himself is life-altering.

This book has been reformatted for a better reading experience.


Shattered Dreams The Arranged Marriage – In Indian culture, arranged marriages ideally, are couples from the same region, religion, caste (class) andsub-caste. Attitudes on arranged marriages have changed over the years and the younger Indian Hindu wants other options from life. Traditions still hold strong and the vivid dream of finding the potential love of their life is not an option.

Radha is attractive, bright, driven and goal oriented young girl. Just finished her studies and proud of what she has accomplished. Her excitement is pouring out of her and dreaming of what her future in fashion design will be. ALL THESE DREAMS ARE SHATTERED with the announcement of her arrange marriage.

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Shattered Dreams The Arranged Marriage II – The continuing saga of Radha and her journey to escape an arranged marriage.

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Death Loop

By G. Braily

Zack knows one thing: an evil has climbed out of its box and he has been chosen to defeat it.
Handsome, charismatic, super successful, Zack Fortune, makes one fateful mistake: he agrees to regress to a past life, (or as he puts it, half an hour of harmless tosh). After all – what’s the worst that can happen?
Unfortunately, quite a lot.

During the hypnosis Zack finds himself overwhelmed by a kaleidoscope of visions so gruesome and horrific, ignoring previous advice not to break out of the hypnosis himself, terrified for his life, he does just that, forcing himself back into present time, aborting the regression.

Almost straight away, one by one, distressed strangers call out to him by name pleading for his help. A suicide about to jump off a roof, a heart attack, a road accident, but their voices turn him to stone – he can’t even breathe – but he can and does watch each stranger die. What do they want from him these people, the almost dead? And how the hell do they know his name?

As the deaths come thick and fast and as everyone closely connected to Zack is struck down by trauma, accident, and violence, his perfect world rapidly descending into chaos, Zack sets out on a frantic quest into the unknown, at times questioning his own sanity, to track down and confront these evil forces that are contaminating his life, and to destroy them.

Before these evil forces destroy him… I realise you are inundated with review requests, but if you feel you do have the time to review Deathloop I would be delighted to hear from you.

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By Kristy Evans

17-year-old Calise Thomas grieves her mother’s death. As she trains with Chris and his friends at a cabin in the woods, she realizes why they live in the forest – to hide their identities and profession. With each of them wearing a spade tattoo, she tries to investigate the purpose behind the mysterious mark. At the same time, her attraction for Chris heats up and things get sidetracked when she feels like she’s being watched. Something unseen and heavy is in their midst, but no one acknowledges the foul, unsettling presence that grips the air. Instead, they take on their secret profession, leaving Calise to figure out who she is and what she’s capable of.

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The Hidden Village (The World Next Door)

By Greg Krehbiel

Geof Franklin gets the late-night phone call every parent dreads and discovers that his son has been missing for weeks. As he relentlessly searches for his only son, he gets pulled into the orbit of a cult-like sub-culture of clans that live by their own rules and think nothing of killing anyone who stands in their way. To have any hope of reaching his son he has to keep digging, but he’s digging himself into more and more trouble — with the mysterious clans, and with the law.

This exciting sci-fi adventure story is set in and around Washington, D.C.


Alien In The Delta

By Thankful Strother

ALIEN IN THE DELTA a memoir about Thankful Strother who grows up in the rural south on the Mississippi river in Southeast Arkansas during the 1950’s. He spent his early childhood in fear that Klansman in the area were coming to harm him and his family. His fear based on what had happen to his nine-year friend’ father who was found stabbed to death on a Mississippi river levee in his 1952 Chevrolet. Thankful often wondered why was he born in a hostile place that felt so foreign? Thankful does not dwell just on the negative in his memoir.


In Search of Truth ( A John Kelly Adventure Series)

By Ben Lee

Be prepared to question everything you thought you knew.

John Kelly is on the verge of having his world turned inside out.

While vacationing through ancient ruins in Sout America, John Kelly is chosen by a mysterious old man, chosen to record history.

Not knowing wether or not he really has a choice, John reluctantly begins listening to the old man share his stories. Stories that will raise questions and have John questioning everthing he’s ever known and soon making himn obsessed with finding the truth. Just maybe, we’ve all been lied to.

As John experiences his awakening, so shall you.