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FOREX Matrix Decoded [Kindle Edition]
By Darth Trader

After years of success and constantly talking about it, the light bulb went off to organize my thoughts and put it in writing. I got laid off work during my 10 years of research and I was able to survive TWO FULL YEARS off forex trading profits and an unemployment check. One of the best and worst experiences of my life because I was in survival mode. It forced me to discipline my trades “get it right”. I’m offering my trading system for such a cheap price because I can afford too now. I’m still living off my profits. This is just my way of giving back. As well as it just makes good business sense to have multiple revenue streams. I haven’t used a major credit card in 10 YEARS other than for reservations. I pay for everything else with CASH. Cars, jewelry, vacations etc.. All with FOREX profits.

My trading system doesn’t require much of your time and attention. Just set it and forget it. This system was developed by me after 10 years of research of trial and error. It doesn’t involved any complicated technical analysis or fundamental economy factors. The system cost nothing to run because you use the most important tool of all. Your mind and a few deductive reasoning rules. This technique will not become obsolete. Tested it for the past 10 years and even if you were trading in the 1920’s my method could have still been applied back then. No software downloads or no chart analysis required I guarantee to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.

Generate the valuable data you need to make an informed decision. Analyze market trends with ease and accuracy. Determine the precise enter, stop loss and profit points. You can start with as little as a few dollars on a real account or experiment on a demo account. It works with absolutely ANY forex broker or currency pairs.


lipsMake Money: The 0’s and 1’s of Binary Trading

By Eugene Jones III


Make Money : The 0’s and 1’s of Binary Trading was written to show a little secret that some of the Wall Street millionaires use to grease there pockets even a little more. Many people don’t know of or are not aware of Binary Options Trading. It is a low risk and high potential payout form of trading giving you potential to earn up to 500% or more of your bid within a minute at times you will know your results. It is two simple choices based off of trending that allow you to cash in on a given time frame of a stock, commodity or currency. If you like to make money this is for you the nuts and bolts of binary options trading. This will help you hit the ground running.