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Short Stories & Squirrel Jokes Kindle Edition

This is a collection of short stories along with some squirrel jokes.


















Great-British-InsultsGreat British Insults

By Mike Francis


Are British People Better At Insults??!

No one can be as calculatedly rude as the British, which amazes Americans, who do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute. Paul Gallico, US writer
Arm yourself NOW with over 300 of the Greatest British Insults and comeback lines EVER to be assembled in ONE place!

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the spouse trapThe Spouse Trap – Over 200 Questions To Ask Before Saying I Do

By Irfan Alli





instant insultsInstant Insults – 100 Man To Man Insults, Curt Comments,Banter, and One Upmanship

By Mike Francis


“They certainly punched above their weight and got results too”
–Brighton Mag

The first and most effective way to succeed in dealing with someone you’d prefer to strangle is simply to ignore them. In most situations, such boorish individuals will become frustrated by your lack of response.

Although a quick wit and a memorized list of professional insults is without doubt the quickest and most hurtful, plus it’s much cheaper than a baseball bat.

So, find 25 short sharp lines from the Instant Insults Banter Library and simply memorize them, this is not rocket science.

…for instance;

“Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re a twat!”
“That reminds me. I must get some piano wire.”
“If I throw a stick, will you leave”
“I’ve seen better dressed wounds”

Inside this ebook you’ll find one hundred more cutting and hilarious but risky insults! Plus, comebacks, remarks, retorts, and rumours to wipe the floor with your foe!

A banter expert will wait for a situation to arise, and always seem to have the right cutting quip for the moment. Banter appears sharp, witty and spontaneous but it isn’t, and here’s the inside secret direct from the horse’s mouth, a stand-up comedian.

“Banter is simply a memorized list of lightning-fast quips for common situations” and here’s the key, you just need to have a few “spontaneous” responses ready to go then let situations trigger your banter as they arise.

Yes, the key to being spontaneous is to plan! All you need is a little ammo and you’ll find plenty in this pocket book. It’s not a joke book, it’s not a tool to make you the next Jimmy Carr, it’s a collection of around a hundred hand chosen quips that don’t need expert comic timing.

Banter is the little devil on your shoulder that helps you cross the line from boring and polite to cheeky, sharp and charismatic.

Go get ’em!

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verbal skills entrepreneurMr Flirt – Quips and Banter

By Mike Francis




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Finally, You Too Can Easily Attract And BED All The Hot, Sexy, Beautiful Women You Want Just By Making Them Laugh…Guaranteed !

YES…laughter really is the “sneaky” shortcut way to have women instantly like you, want you, or even fall in love with you…no matter how you look, how old you are, or how much money you have!

Develop super-confidence & presence with banter!

Men having great sense of humor ranked TOP as being a personality trait that attracts women on survey results conducted by several magazines.

A lot of women see a guy with a great sense of humor very attractive mainly because it makes the conversation a lot lighter, it makes them laugh and dating a man who is very serious in his outlook in life makes the conversation heavy and can become very boring, according to studies, among two hundred college students.

The same study indicated that women like intelligent men and a great sense of humor is linked to intelligence, as a man with wits can think fast, able to produce a joke instantly that is suitable to the situation is clever indeed and is no “non-sense”.

Indeed, “laughter is the best medicine”. Considerable research and studies have proved that laughter and humor benefits the body as well as the emotion. It boost the “immune system”, reduces stress, relax the muscles, “lowers blood pressure”, increases pain tolerance and hastens the process of healing. No wonder women feel so good being with a man with great sense of humor!

Men having good sense of humor are always cheerful. To them, each day is sunny. Should dark clouds appear, they depend on laughter, confident that all problems will pass and instead of being discouraged, they move on with so much hope.

Even if a man is not really that attractive physically, but with a great sense of humor, women are usually drawn to him. Why? Because according to most women in a survey result, they are more at ease with these types of men, as they make the women laugh and as a result, let them feel that they can open up almost anything; a man with a great sense of humor encourages the woman to be confident.

Generally, men with a sense of humor have so much spunk in life. Not only can they come up with a joke unrehearsed, but also can take a joke.

Mr Flirt contains over 100 field-tested lines that will get your bedroom busier than Clapham Junction!

“Make a girl laugh and you can make her do anything”
–Marilyn Monroe