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Marketing WheelThe Marketing Wheel


Steven Spangenberg


This ebook is for beginners as well as seasoned marketers looking for ways to bring their products to the market. This is a great tool for both online and offline marketing methods and includes examples of real life successes in the market place.






How To Create A Free Report For Your Website


By Eric Hulmlund, Jeff Wellman, and Paul Counts


This video is from an online internet marketing course I purchased in mid 2012 called No Cost Income Streams. It is by three internet marketing experts who teach how to make money on the internet without spending any money (except for their course which is under $50). They concentrate on showing you how to build niche websites and promote them on the web. the course has a ton of content including videos. It is great for beginners and experts alike Enjoy this video from the course. If you want the whole course you can click here to purchase it.




why youtube videos go viralWhy Youtube Videos Go Viral

Ever wonder how videos get millions of views? Well, I have for a long time as it’s a great way to market your product and/or get paid for ad revenue. It is very disappointing when you have , what you think, is a great video and you only get 2 views (and one was your mom!).

Kevin Allocca works for Youtube and he will explain in this video how, and why, videos go viral.

This may change the way you market!

Remember to take notes as this is very useful information!

Email me when your video goes viral.


Enjoy! Cheers!


The definitive guide to creating effective marketing imagery for your project marketing off-the-plan.


By Stan Zaslavsky



What has always fascinated and inspired me in our industry is how professional property
developers and architects have a great vision of what their projects are going to look and
feel like. And while their vision and imagination can speak volumes – supporting virtual
images used for marketing the development off-the-plan quite often fall flat in the delivery.
And in asking this question of what is it that separates that vision of the project that a
developer has and a high quality imagery that accurately and effectively communicates it
to the prospective buyers – I have decided to put together this document to talk about the
top ten factors from our professional opinion to improve this gap in communication if not
eradicate it altogether.

Certainly the high level of artistic skill is important and that’s what makes some of the
images coming out of top 3D imagery studios really stand out. However there are still some
simple basics that once implemented could make most if not all the difference between an
image that will sell versus an image that can easily be seen is done on computer and will be
largely ineffective.

Think and grow rich








Are You Busy Being Busy?

Are you ready to take the “right” action in your business?