The Plant Based Diet: How to Lose Weight the Quickest Way Possible

Kindle Edition

by Melissa Capelton


A plant based vegan diet is precisely what it sounds like. This book contains 50 great tasting recipes that will help you lose weight and feel great. This diet has progressively built up a following for last few decades and one of many reasons behind its fame is healthy weight loss. It contains all essential nutrients a human body needs. It still provides you protein and calcium rich options that you will learn more about in this book.


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Just when I thought what more can be said about the benefits of a plant based diet, I read The Plant Based Diet only to find that there was more to learn. The authors provided conclusive reasons for humans to be plant based and how we thrive eating the way we are intended to.A really great and informative little gem of a book. A must read for everyone.So Really I love it and highly recommended it