Missing You: Finding Your Lost One In the U.K. By Sandra Seidel

For a variety of reasons, there are people out there searching for lost ones every day; they may have been separated from a sibling in their childhood, been adopted or simply lost touch with a special friend. Others might be thinking of entering the tracing profession.

The art and science of locating a person requires that an organized system be in place to successfully accomplish this goal. “Missing You: Finding Your Lost One in the U.K.” presents a detailed step-by-step system with information sources for both novice and professional that provides maximum efficiency within a minimal time frame to locate someone in the U.K.

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Teens, Texting & Twitter (Teens Issues) [Kindle Edition] By Brian Parkin

Teens, Texting and Twitter is a guide for parents who may be confused or concerned about their teenager’s use of texting or social media.
The eBook looks at what texting and social media is all about and how to get into it so that you as a parent have a fighting chance in attempting to communicate with their teenage son or daughter, particularly online.


attractLove Is Here: How to Dream and Attract Your Partner into Life

By Marrilyn S.H. Tong

How to attract that perfect love by dreaming!

Tired of waiting for that desirable partner to come along?
Nobody seems to fit your requirements, right?
Maybe you are telling everyone that you prefer to be single, though deep down inside you are constantly wishing and hoping for “The One”?
The dating scene gets tiresome, you become disillusioned especially when all the partners you’ve dated never seem to last.

Why is that?

In “Love Is Here”, Marrilyn S.H. Tong shares her own personal experience of how to get any relationship you want into your life as quickly as three months.

YES, THREE MONTHS! Not possible you are probably thinking, well be careful of what you want . . . Marrilyn has successfully dreamed many of her lovers, past and present into her life. She will share with you all her secrets that guarantee success every time!

Whether you are looking for a lasting relationship, or someone to have fun with, all the things you want in a relationship will definitely come true, when you follow the exercises provided in this book, “Love Is Here”.

The Law of Attraction inspired the methods I used, couple those with a combination of affirmations, visualization, journal exercises and optional moon rituals will help you clear the obstacles on your path to love. You will go through a journey of self-discovery and ultimately successfully dream your lover into life.

A truly inspirational approach that offers a tried and tested philosophy on relationships, “Love Is Here” is the only guide you will ever need to help find that perfect partner you are looking for.