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Awaken [Kindle Edition]
By Vanessa Davila-Reid

Alexis has been having some unexplained health issues. After she wakes up in the hospital, she doesn’t recognize anyone.

After some time, the answers are slowly revealed to her, and everything is explained.


miracleThe Small World of Harry Parnes (The Harry Parnes Series) [Kindle Edition]

By Randy Cade

While in a West Texas prison for murder Harry Parnes had an opportunity to think. For 14 years. He hadn’t been that successful as a criminal. He resolved to live a better and more successful life. What better way than to rob a bank on impulse the day you get out?

The way most book jacket liner notes are written you were probably expecting to see something like “This book is for the serious Crime Fiction Aficionado.” Well, this book is not. It’s for the Crime Fiction Aficionado with a sense of humor.

If you like books by Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen, George V. Higgins, Bud Shulberg, Damon Runyon, John D. MacDonald, you’ll probably like this book. These authors are mentioned out of deference; as a new author I am in not any way suggesting I am in the same league. That’s why this book had to have a sense of humor, as well as the traditional smattering of hard, raw dialogue, violence, and of course, a few plot twists.

Randy Cade has lived in California all his adult life, growing up in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s in Northern and Southern California along with all the great things that came with that. There was the San Francisco music scene around the Fillmore Auditorium in the 60’s, UC Berkeley and being a book publisher in the 70’s (yes, remember real books printed on paper etc.?), and a pioneer in the computer industry in the 80’s. Then comes the good part, two wonderful daughters, a great wife and adapting to the brave new digital world of computers, instant communication, cell phones, The Net, iStuff, Netflix and DirecTV.

There, all the third person stuff is out of the way, back to the first person which is the point of view that most of this novel is written in. The same will be true of parts Two and Three of the Harry Parnes Series, but only if you buy Part One. After all, it’s less than the price of a latte, less than the price of a well cocktail in a crappy dive bar. So buy this book already, what have you got to lose?


miracleLove Is Far Away…Under Our Noses!

By Stanley Quoquillon

Short description
Love Is Far Away…Under Our Noses! In search of love, many confuse physical attraction to feeling. Julia with a gun in her hand posed an ultimatum to Maxime to choose between physical satisfaction and the feeling of love?

Extended description
Love is so far away… Under our noses!

In search of love, many confusing physical attraction to feeling. Julia believes that only physical pleasure satisfies the condition of love and not only the strengths and will fulfill all his desires. Carla is one whose conversation and collaboration seems to lead to a healthy and satisfying relationship. This feeling is the logical progression after the friendship and confidence.

Maxime must face Julia with a gun in her hand asking for love! Can the feeling be forced? Is the feeling comes down to the act? Between two flames, Maxime must choose carefully if he does not want to leave his own skin and survive.


miracleSaviour: Fall of a Wretch

By Liam McKenzie

Short description
Aaron is forced into a new world where he learns he is part of a super-human race that was ripped from Earth millennium ago. On this new world he is forced to fight a war that is not his, and must become a killer in a world of killers. The only thing that helps him survive is the discovery of a family, and a new-found desire to protect something greater than himself for the first time in his life.

Extended description
Aaron Campbell believes there is no good in him, and he has lived his two decades on Earth accordingly. A dark alley is where he finds himself as he is warmed from the blood pumping out of his chest. As he tries to find some semblance of peace in what appear to be his final moments, the revelation is forced upon him that he is a member of an unknown mighty race. This race is biologically human but is imbued with the energy of the gods, which gives it superior physical attributes. Dominic, the last of its creators, drags Aaron from the gutter to fulfil an important task, the nature of which will be revealed to Aaron in time. Stumbling from death into more life than he has ever known, Aaron will use that life to create – and protect – the family he’s never had.

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages

miracleSaviour: Fall of a Wretch