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Keoni Trilogy (Keoni the Menehune) [Kindle Edition] By Kupuna Kane

By popular demand – This eBook contains the full text, all of the Graphics and
all of the Hyperlinks, of the original three books in the series.

Now the young reader can read the original bedtime story “Keoni the Good Menehune” that launched the series, “Keoni and Friends” which established the adventure pattern, and “Keoni and The Return of the Li’i” the interactive chapter and adventure book loaded with hyperlinks to dozens of internal Graphics.

The series aims to establish and develop good character, life lesson choices
for the young readers while entertaining and presenting the choices in context.


Books by Randa Handler [Kindle Edition]

If I Were King [Kindle Edition]

One rainy day in the jungle, unlikely friends—Zebra, Lion, Leopard, Giraffe, Monkey, Elephant and Chameleon—gather to lament how boring their daily activities are.

Zebra’s imagination and fun-loving nature convinces the other animals to escape their mundane lives by pretending they are kings. Playing this game teaches them about their many differences and, more importantly, their own likes and dislikes.
Zebra, upon discovering this information, realizes that it’s okay not to always want to play with other zebras as long as she listens to her inner voice and yields when it warns her of dangers and cautions her to maintain clear boundaries. Immediately she learns that Lion can stop being her friend when he’s angry or hungry.

Along her quest, she learns about everyone’s likes and dislikes including her own and discovers the true meaning of friendship.

Randa Handler is an author, international journalist, publicist and publisher. Her interview with actor Rock Hudson (his last) was published worldwide. Her expertise in public relations made many products and personalities household names. She is the author of the Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot series and If I Were King. Her educational series of children’s books are still being used as ‘lesson plans’ by elementary school teachers.


The Boy Who Spoke To God [Kindle Edition]

Unable to agree on their ideas about God and religious celebrations, four different ethnic tribes—Greeks, Chinese, Zulus, and Mayans—who live together harmoniously most of the year, combining aspects of each of their cultures to make their kingdom strong and prosperous, suddenly become divisive when religious holidays approach. During such times, they cannot agree on the timing or manner of religious traditions, and they each have their own god who looks and dresses as they do. When Niko, a young Greek boy, has several dreams of God, each tribe interprets the various details of his dreams according to its own view of God, further emphasizing the tribes’ differences in beliefs.

Subsequently Niko is shunned for having created even more disharmony and for lying to the tribes, or so they think, as no one believes he dreamed of God. To clear up all the confusion and arrive at the truth, Niko begs God to manifest in one final dream. This time God shows him that the tribes’ beliefs are actually different expressions of the same god. Niko concludes that God is like colorless and formless iridescent light and the beliefs of all tribes about their gods are correct as these gods are like colors of the rainbow that derive from white light.


bigbadwolfThe Big Bad Wolf My Side of the Story [Kindle Edition]

By Kate Clary

A short, fun chapter book for children age 5 up to 8. Good for readers from grades 1-4.

You all know the story of the three little pigs and the big, bad wolf. You probably felt sorry for the three, little pigs.

Mr Wolf is now here to tell his side of the story. He wants everyone to know that he is the innocent victim!

Read the story and help spread the word. The truth must get out!