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Make Money Now: Tips to make a living online [Kindle Edition]
By William Mayweather

Make Money Now

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This easy to use guide will give you simple strategies and tips that will help you start making money NOW. Nothing is more frustrating than committing yourself to a program, only to quit after not seeing any results. With this book you will start feeling and seeing the difference. How? Because the money will be in your bank account. Giving you the motivation to become the person you want to be.

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Instagram Marketing for Beginners, Getting Real Followers: Insight from Successful Entrepreneurs [Kindle Edition]
By Jenny Li

Do you know Instagram has 150 million users per month? Are you taking advantage of this free social network to market your products? Do you know Instagram has a different demographics than Facebook?

Instagram has been one of the biggest social networks. If you are considering using Instagram to promote or market your business, you need to know the mindset of your followers and how to build a relationship with them, and how to get more followers.

*** It doesn’t matter how wonderful your product is or how much effort you spent on marketing when you don’t have real, good followers. ***

This book provides specific insights from followers as to what they like or, even more importantly, what they don’t like. It also includes interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have thousands or tens of thousands of followers regarding how they build relationships with their followers, and how they promote their businesses on Instagram.


youtubeYoutube Marketing Made Easy
By Daniel Marcus

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